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hello 2010.

my new years resolution - the real one, i mean,  not the ones written on my dry erase board so i can get rid of them when they fall through - is to actually update this. i've been blogging pretty regularly over at sunandsilence, which is kind of ironic considering i've had this journal so much longer (as the username can attest), but i haven't done anything significant here. so until i get around to actually writing those fic ideas that've been bouncing around in my head (and there's a lot of them - sadly, college applications and schoolwork have to come first), i'll just blog about my real life. 

...which is actually pretty boring. i mean
, it's 2010. year spaceship according to mark hoppus. sadly, i didn't do anything wild or crazy to celebrate - just stayed up late drinking champagne - pronounced correctly, thankyouverymuch - and watching the ball drop with the momster. i'd like to start this new year of blogging off with something really profound and meaningful, but mostly all i can think is 'wow, ewan mcgregor sure is pretty'. blame angels and demons, which i watched for the first time today.

my other new year's resolutions aren't very interesting either - work out more, eat healthier, write more, quit wasting so much time on the internet, etc. thanks to the dry erase board system, though, when they all fail it'll be as if they never existed(like eddie c. in new moon). except for this resolution - become a better/less paranoid driver. seriously, it's sad when a kitty can drive better than you. see?

oh, and just to get all the cuteoverloading out of the way, look at this:
he's just too adorable for words. this video makes me want to cuddle my puppies now, but cookie is passed out on the couch with all four paws sticking up in the air (he looks kind of dead, actually) and lulu is still giving me a Malevolent Glare. oh well. i'll just keep getting my cute animal fix of the day from the internet then.
i finally got around to buying the dark was the night compilation (which took the last of my gift card money, but between the buying binge and s-la i've gotten to 9229, so that's happy at least) and it's been my soundtrack of the day. like i've been wandering around the house with my hot pink hello kitty robe flapping behind me listening to conor oberst and bon iver and pretending that my life is an indie movie in progress. clearly we're only at the boring, overly long, cartoon introduction, but hopefully things will pick up and the Story of Rachel (yeah, that's just the working title - we'll wait for inspiration to hit when it comes to naming my life story. inspiration or, you know, something eventful enough to warrant an actual life story being made) and i'll become less boring. after all, i need real things to blog about!
oh, and speaking of stories, i've been writing one. and by 'writing' i mean i've been jotting down ideas on scraps of paper and desperately hoping i can keep away from the keyboard, because once something gets to compy it takes over my life. now, my life may be boring, but it's the kind of boring where i still have tons of meaningless school-related work to do that cannot be put off for a story, so, really, this whole writing thing needs to stop. i keep telling my hand that but it just ignores me and picks up the pen anyway. woe. woe is me - and that stupid callus on the inside of my middle finger that popped up in sixth grade and has yet to go away. i wonder if in the future kids will always use computers and never develop writer's calluses? darn those future younguns. i'm going to be twice as crotchety and mean to them when i get old out of residual callus-related bitterness.
world cup

finally updating

I just realized today that I haven't really been using this journal much - which isn't to say I haven't been blogging, because I have been. It's just that my blogging has been confined to my personal journal. So, I want to know - should I bother crossposting to lj, or is the link to my blogger enough?

In other news, I saw New Moon (okay, I'll be honest - I've seen it three times. Go ahead, judge me) and it inspired me to dredge up that old Jacob/Bella-from-Nessie's-POV fic I was working on. Anyone still interested?
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i wish (their) music was my boyfriend(s)

 so i have a new musical obsession, namely, kings of leon. i'd heard use somebody and sex on fire (although, at this point, who hasn't, because basically every radio station ever seems to play them over and over), but a friend of mine got me into their older stuff, and the rest of only by the night, and i. am. in. love. 

(which only intensified once i was then told rpattz likes them too. it's funny how my friends know me so well that they now fear to mention anything twilight-related to me until after they know i already like something)

this is basically the only coherent thought regarding kol you're going to get from me. once i had re-re-re-listened to aha shake heartbreak, and then youtubed them and found the home movies on their channel, i decided that they are the most ah-dorable, drunken, occasionally high, always pretty people i've ever seen. and their accents are cute. 

so, if you haven't already, go check out their stuff. and marvel at the adorable-ness. 

(oh, and the other reason i lovelovelove them is because i finally started listening to all the bat for lashes another friend sent me because, after finding out about my followill love, she told me there was a really good use somebody cover, and after i'd listened to that, i just played through all the rest of it, and discovered prescilla and daniel and...natasha khan is love. she needs a rolling stone cover too)
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r.i.p. michael jackson

so michael jackson is dead. and i never thought i would feel this sad about it, because he wasn't to my generation what he was to my parents','s strange. even though i wasn't around for the jackson 5 or the thriller video's premiere or his mtv heyday, i never really noticed how much he still influenced my life. all of our lives, really, because isn't that really what fame is about? the ability to see and be seen and have this huge impact on people just for, well, existing? and he did more than that - he made music, influenced more artists than i can probably name, and had his name slapped onto scandals and bad jokes and tabloid covers. it's late. i'm tired. but i just felt like i had to say this now, before i go to sleep, because i know that when i wake up tomorrow this won't feel as raw as it does now. i hope that, wherever he is, he's in peace. 

and here's a link to the original video:
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in school.

well, i am supposed to be doing my calc review packet, but who needs math, right? instead i'm working on my story of epicness, and it even has a title now, which is unusual just because i can never seem to title anything; usually i just wait until i'm done writing and control+f (or, well, command+f, i guess, since i have a mac now and they really could've left the keyboard the same) an interesting word or else i hit my poetry bookmarks and use the first relevant line that i like 
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locked (an explanation)

so, since i'm actually planning to use this journal to discuss rl, i'm thinking it'd be good if i locked it. or, really, it's more like, 'hey, most of my friends know i blog. what if they try to find me?'. cue panic.

in other news, i spent most of the day scribbling bits and pieces of my twilight fic during class today. sadly, my writing was cut short because of impending french doom - my teacher is gone to do ap reading and our sub's never taken french in her life. and also can't tell us why the passe simple is going to be on our exam when none of us know how to do it. oh well. hopefully there'll be a curve. 

the field day carnival's tomorrow, so hopefully i'll remember not to wear a white shirt. at my school they get the fire department to bring the trucks over and periodically hose down anyone in a twenty foot radius. oh, the wonders of life in the suburbs. 

slightly random, but you know those orbit commercials on mtv? well, i was at a friend's house, and she's obsessed with the hills and true life (well, okay, i kind of really love true life, too) so we decided to catch up on all the tivo'ed episodes we missed. and literally twice an episode those obnoxious commercials with that british rapper would come on and not stop for at least a minute and a half, which, well, is a long freaking time to lazy teenagers. why? do they really think pissing us off will inspire us to buy gum? as if. you know what orbit should try - rpattz. even if he looks like he lives in an opium den, and would be the most ridiculously unbelievable celebrity endorsement since hayden panettiere tried to convince us that she had acne, you know every twihard/rpattz fangirl would so be on that gum like it was crack in a candy store. im just saying. 
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music for traveling

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update on project contact: i can now put them in and take them out in one try (and, when taking them out at least, without a mirror). why, yes, i am excited. 

i'm reading the screwtape letters by c. s. lewis now. what's ophelia the ipod playing? beau fixeby coralie clement qui j'adore. 

i have a french speaking quiz tomorrow. as a consequence i've been frantically practicing the lovely french r sound. my mother recently informed me that i sound like a dying cat while i do so, so i figured that was an indicator that more practice was necessary. 

in other news, the story idea i've been playing with is starting to come together plot-wise. thank my muse, viola. she's been working overtime - and quite randomly. one idea is for the first pure fantasy i've ever considered writing and the other is for a post-apocalyptic society with vaguely religious undertones. 

flickr picture of the day: comme des enfants

prom, by the by, was incredibly fun. i can now run, walk, and dance in four inch heels. whodathunkit?